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New Zealand, we need your help!

Together, we can redirect a mighty big chunk of this to charity each year:

$461 million

Total amount of electronic card transaction fees charged to kiwi merchants in 2015*

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And it's really quite easy!

Using Choice is free & easy

Instead of paying at stores with your credit or debit card, open the Choice app on your phone and scan the Choice QR code at checkout.

  1. Connect your bank account

    The app will take you to a secure and approved authentication screen provided by your bank. Once you connect with your account, you are authorised to pay at our participating Kiwi businesses.

  2. Scan at the counter

    Now to shop with impact! Scan the ChoiceQR code when you get to the counter. Securely pay straight from your phone.

  3. Track your impact

    We redirect 50% of the transaction fee that Kiwi businesses pay Choice to your nominated New Zealand charity. Track your impact in the Choice App.

Kiwis are paying too much.
$461 million in 2015, to be precise!

Every time you pay with your card at stores, our kiwi businesses are charged a fee.

Most fees are percentage based for the average Kiwi business. Larger merchants can leverage lower fees or even small, fixed fees. This is not equitable in its current form!

What do they do with all that money?

Dunno. We suspect it lines the pockets of fat cats in stripy suits.

Credit Card
Contactless debit card*
(i.e. Paywave)

*20% contactless usage increase in 2017

When did we decide it was okay to put profit before people and planet?

This money could be going
to where it is needed more:

1 in 3 Kiwi kids live under the income poverty line

80% of our native bird species are endangered

We have the highest youth suicide rate in the world
That’s where Choice steps in

We’ve decided
enough is enough!

So is using kiwi ingenuity, aroha and people power to build a better way to pay that enables you to send that money to where it is needed most.

And the fees that Kiwis pay are reduced, with half going directly to the Kiwis that need it most.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Choice transaction fee
A flat rate, reduced transaction fee that's the same for everyone.


50% goes to charity
Choice redirects half of the transaction fee that Kiwi businesses pay Choice to your nominated New Zealand charity. The rest stays in Aotearoa to grow our mahi.

Start paying the Choice way!

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It's free and takes two minutes to set up.

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Put people and planet before profit.
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